This sculpture has captured the love of both a mother and Jesus for our children. Jesus sits holding the hand of the woman at the same time cradling her baby in his other arm. While focusing on her “Hope in Christ”, the woman clasps her heart pendent with her other hand signifying the love a mother has for her child.

God has made us in such a way that children are forever written on our hearts. The parent who has lost a child will forever carry feelings for their little ones.

When a child is lost through early death or stillbirth - they usually have been given a name. When a child has been lost through miscarriage or abortion, often times they have not been given a name. In fact, in many cases, they have not even been thought of as a “child” yet.

Having a name for the child helps a grieving parent focus on the feelings they have for them. Focus is required in order to process the feelings, mourn the loss, and move on. Not to forget the child – but to accept the loss and look forward to being with them again someday.

Many people – as they begin to be restored by God after their loss, or newfound awareness of their loss, choose to name their baby. As part of the grieving process, they seek to visualize their child and give them significance by selecting just the right name.

Our prayer is that we can offer some comfort to you as you remember the little one forever written on your heart.

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